"If you know you owe" - Vincent Harding 

Speaking to colleagues at the North Star Fund Trivia Night 2016

Speaking to colleagues at the North Star Fund Trivia Night 2016

The purpose of my work is to help support & ed·u·cate people that are interested in learning about and fighting for justice.   

When someone wants to ed·u·ca·te they hope to give someone training in, or information on a particular field. The fields I can assist in are educating folks that are looking to learn on some critical issues that victimize millions of families across the United States. I've worked directly on some of the issues below, and am actively encouraging the education of the following:   

  • Responding to Trumpism & The Alt Right: Taking on Hate is all of our jobs! 

    •  Fighting the #MuslimBan, mass mobilizing and rapidly responding to the Muslim Ban 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0

    • The Alt Right has started to publicly organize and mobilize. It's important to call a spade a spade. These are people who do not see the humanity of Refugees, Muslims, Immigrants, Black folks, or anyone who falls below a certain socio economic status in "their America".

  • CONGRESS MUST ACT NOW! #CleanDREAMAct #SaveTPS #NoBanNoWallNoRaids

    • Fight for DREAMers & a CLEAN DREAM ACT: 800,000 lives hang in the balance. 

    • Save Temporary Protected Status: 300,000 Immigrants are facing deportation, they have an estimated 270,000 US Citizen children. 

  • Voting Rights: Voter Suppression & Redistricting in 2018 is REAL! This is your voice, your vote, and OUR future. You can take action locally, all politics is local!  If we want to avoid another President like #45 we must act now and build a strong bench and starting team. Are you down to run for office? Are you down to help a candidate labeled an "underdog" win? It's as easy as building a plan and finding others as committed as YOU! You need to start somewhere right? Are you registered to vote?